Worship – Does your life reflect it?

Worship just on weekends, or does your whole life reflect worship?

We visited another church in our local area 2 weeks ago to experience thier flavour on church life. I must admit that it was pretty much a ‘main-stream’ charismatic church, run by one family and had the stereotypical emphasis on the ‘gifts-experience’ like so many churches we have attended in the past. Not to bag out this church, each to there own, but one striking statement was made by the worship leader that really supprised me.

One thing that stirred me was what the worship leader said, the statement “lets enter into worship and focus on God for this small opportunity that we have been given this week…” Wow what a statement! (could have been taken several ways, but has deep meaning)

To me this statement really reflected the attitude many churches so often take today. Worship seems to be reduced to a miniscule part of the service on sundays. Lets put in into perspective.. If we are awake for an average of say 100 hours per week, we are really only get half hour or so of worship time in per week. Wow less than 1% of our week is spent worshippping our Divine, Loving, Eternal Saviour… Is something wrong with this attitude that is being conveyed? Reality is that 70%+ of Christians in churches today do exactly that! So whats the Answer to fixing this issue, what do you think?

Not much is going to change until we really grasp what scripture is saying… So what is Jesus saying to you about worship in your life?? If I was to repeat the words in James 2 – “faith without action is dead” are we a faithful people remembering to worship God in all we do and say?