Cast Vision For Next Year – God First

What kind of year have you had spiritually this year? which category would you put yourself in…

  • Spiritually Apathetic (good intentions but no action)
  • Spiritually Inconsistent (sometimes good, sometime bad)
  • Spiritually Consumed (Put God first and live in order to please God)

I would say inconsistent.. So how do we plan to have the best spiritual year ever next year??

Im going to commit to listen to God and put myself in Gods hands.. so how can i practically change my calendar to reflect some spiritual changes I am going to make.. here is a good guide to introduce change;

  1. First of the Day – Seek God (Mat 6:33)
  2. First of the Week – Worship God (Heb10:25)
  3. First of the Month – Tithe back to God what he has given you (Lev 27:30)
  4. First of the Year – make an offering to God and fast (mat 6:17,18)

Prepare your life and bring a Godly focus to next year.. God desires you to be close to Him, why not develop your character and your lifestyle by putting God First! Seek First His Kingdom… and see what happens in your life. (all these things will be added to you)

Pray for ‘Boldness’

“What you pray for reflects what you believe about God!”  – So if we pray and dont limit God, dont place Him or ourselves in a box, what could we pray for?

I ask everyone to be Bold in prayer, ask God to show up and reveal himself in your life and circumstances. How can you be fully devoted to God without asking God for Boldness?

I DARE you to pray this prayer with me…. and see how God can change your life. Repeat this out loud.

“Heavenly Father reveal yourself in my life. Reveal yourself to me in a miraculous way, its time i Stop being selfish and listen to You. Give me Boldness and Use me for Your Glory! Give me a prompting from your Holy Spirit to make major changes in my life. Lord, I am not capable of pursuing anything more unless I have your strength to do it, and not my own. Enable me as your servant to speak your words with Great Boldness and to share Jesus! I ask that my daily walk would be forever changed, my attitude, my heart, my desires. The time has come for me to get Serious about my belief in you and put my faith into action. Remind me to put you first, and  to pray always. God I offer up this next week to you and ask you would reveal yourself in a Bold Way. In Jesus Name. Amen

I would love to hear what bold situations God puts you in! Remember if you get stuck, just pray…

Ordinary World Changers – In 52 Days


If you have an ambition or passion to do something that God has called you to do, but just cant figure out where to start.. give yourself 52 days and just start! With Gods help you can do it! Surrender to Him, and rest in His strength (not you own).. in other words; just ask God to help you and pray! here are some points to help you!

Take note these points really help “The closer you get to doing what God want done, the harder your spiritual enemy will fight to prevent it from happening”

  • Distraction: little distractions always amount to bigger and bigger things, learn to say “NO” and focus on the task God has placed on you heart! You shouldn’t be expected to expend all your energy on many things, and not get anywhere, when you can focus on one thing and get somewhere! 
  • Discredit you: The enemy will try to discredit you by luring you into parts of the world that can trap and snare you. When on task, ask God to keep you focused and dont give into any rumours or gossip that tries to bring you down. Say “not true”, Pray and then get on with it!
  • Compromise:  When you are called and you respond to Gods calling, your spiritual enemy will use your weaknesses and try to destroy your integrity. Remain strong in Gods strength and always take a step back and think before walking into any situations where the enemy can destroy you. Pray and don’t give up, be persistent.

I am going to give this a try, God has carried my family to a new place and has given us so many blesssings. Its time I focused and returned to Him what he has given me, please pray for me as I hand over the next 52 days to him. If you want to join me on this journey, let me know! God Bless!

Ordinary World Changers – In 52 Days

Defeating Discouragement

Are you feeling discouraged, beaten by the world, beaten by the people that are meant to support you? watch this and tell me how you feel…

My eyes have just been opened to what Satan has been doing in my life, and I have been letting it happen and get me down. I have learnt about what the enemy tries to do to bring me down.. it makes sense now because over the past few years I have been persecuted and ripped to shreds by people who were meant to support me. I now know that facing opposition means im doing something right, not doing something wrong! I strived to be productive, passionate and walk in Jesus’ shoes but all i came up against was adversity and it discouraged me, even hurt me. Not anymore..! My revelation for today:

  • Satans goal is to Steal, Kill and Destroy
  • We face opposition because we are usually trying to do something right not something wrong
  • Your enemy wants to discourage you from the inside and outside, he uses peoples weaknesses to attack you in your familiar environments (work, church, study groups, leadership)
  • Your enemy places obsticles in the way to prevent you carrying out Gods work and believing in Gods direction for your life
  • You will be criticised continually and persecuted (if you walk Gods path be encouraged not discouraged in times of persecuation and criticism)

So how do we overcome these things

  1. Remeber the Lord (who is great and awsome) and remember all the things that have held you back, reinforce how God has overcome these things and you need to rely on His strength and not your own.)
  2. Fight for your cause (Fight the good fight, believe in God who gives you strength in your weaknesses)

Be strong and pray for God to enter into your circumstances. 1 John 4:4 “You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.”… “Who can be against us when God is for us..” “who can seperate you from the love of God?”

Ordinary World Changers – In 52 Days

“Do you have a burden inside you that keeps stirring you up, a passion you know God has put on your Heart to stand up for.. it may be injustice, it may be for community.. or maybe your neighbour..”

I believe we are all here for a purpose. Over the years I have struggled to understand the ultimate purpose God wants for my life.. I suppose eveyone asks that question regularly… But do we actually discover what that purpose or burden is? We started watching a series called “change your world in 52 days” and it has reminded me of this important question that I need to be asking. Do I believe that I can make a difference?

Craig makes it simple to understand that God does want you to act, not sit back and live aimlessly in the world. Its time to make a difference in a world that needs dramatic change. Come with me on this journey, I will post what I learn and discover about myself.. I hope you can do the same. “Its time to be laser-focused and ingnite that passion inside you, remember that you arnt just one person – your God +1 person”

Spiritual Gifts

Ghost – Series on Spiritual Gifts

Craig Groeschel 
Ever really wondered if spriritual gifts should be used today, or have been to afraid to know what the bible says about Spiritual Gifts? Watch this series.. it makes it so easy to understand and its a great resource for every church. I believe in spiritual gifts, let God change you and challenge you in these four clips! then tell me your ideas..

Learn; The Presence, The Power, Spiritual Gifts and being Filled with the Holy Spirit

I would like to hear about your walk with God and what your spiritual gift is?

Behind The Curtain

Behind The Curtain
Craig Groeschel
The Church… It stretches far beyond what you see. It accomplishes more than we dreamed was possible. And the part you play? It’s bigger than you realize. We’re taking an inside look at to show you the difference you’re making in the world. Join us as we step Behind the Curtain.

Let me know your thoughts on what a church should really stand for? Do you agree?