Understanding Gods Intention For Us @frankviola

A great insight into Gods purpose for us:

‘God’s original intention for humans was that they would bear His image and exercise His authority. In other words, God’s dream was for us to be His temple and His city.

But how is this accomplished? The answer: By partaking. By eating and drinking. It was by eating from the Tree of Life and by drinking from the river of life that Adam and his offspring would become God’s habitation, bearing His image and executing His rule.

In the garden,both the Tree of Life and the flowing river contained God’s uncreated life. As Watchman Nee put it, the tree contained the “highest life” in the universe. A life that is higher and more powerful than that of angels or demons.
As human beings ate from the tree and drank from the river, God’s own life would be deposited within them. That is, God Himself would indwell them. As a result, men and women would be transformed from clay to a building made of gold, pearl, and precious stone, the products of the flowing river (Gen. 2:1–12; Rev. 21:19–21).

I am taken by the fact that when God created Adam, He gave him four simple charges. These charges were not what modern Christian minds would expect. God didn’t command Adam to fall on his face, grovel in the dirt, and worship the Almighty. He didn’t command Adam to serve Him every day of his mortal life. He didn’t command Adam to obey a laundry list of commands, regulations, and stipulations.

The instruction was simple: “Eat, rest, bear my image, and rule the earth.” Oh, and there was a fifth: “Pay attention to your diet! There is one tree from which you ought never to eat.”

Behold the Tree of Life in the centre of the garden of Eden. Watch it throbbing with divine life. See it pulsating with the energy of divinity. Feel it vibrating with purity. If the tree could speak, it would probably say something like this: “Eat of me, and you will have my life within you to live by. Eat my fruit, and my seed will be deposited within you, and you will produce after my kind.”

Recall that when God created both plant and animal life, He concluded by saying, “It shall bear seed after its kind.” Interestingly, God didn’t make this statement when He created Adam. When you read the Genesis account of creation, the silence is deafening. Presumably, the reason is that God created human beings to be His dwelling place. Consequently, the Lord wished to deposit His own life into humans. Thus if humanity partook of divine life, humans would bear seed after God’s kind. This idea meshes perfectly with what both Peter and John say about receiving God’s “imperishable seed” (1 Peter 1:23; 1 John 3:9).’

Extract From Eternity To Here – Pg 202-203