Finding Church – Wayne Jacobsen

I am coming back in 2016, so stay tuned for more works and media. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

So a quick post on my latest read..I recently read ‘Finding Church’ by Wayne Jacobson, at Wayne also has some wonderful free E-books you can download. They have added clearer insight into my walk about simplifying Christianity and inspiring alertness to the true desires Christ has for our lives. If you get a chance have a read over this Christmas break – give me your feedback here to start the conversation.

Blessings Daniel


2 thoughts on “Finding Church – Wayne Jacobsen

  1. Great read Daniel!
    I like how the book encourages us to ‘find church’ not within the buildings most of us think of when we hear the term church, but in the relationships and friendships that make up the fabric of our lives. Wayne provides a compelling picture of what Christ’s Church might actually look like when we let go of our own striving and building and allow our creator to do what he does best…lead us into truth and freedom.

    • Thanks for the comment Muz, I agree that many of us don’t understand what Church in the NT looks like and this exploration is just only beginning. Wayne does simplify our christian walk into its core characteristics and re-teaches us what constitutes a true ‘follower of the way’, something we all need to get back too, the basics. Your right, we do tend to come up with our own schemes and plans instead of just relying on Gods teaching and His Holy Spirit. I am confident that the Christian landscape is changing dramatically, given world events and trends, and we will see a very different bride of Christ unfold over the next few years. A church that is definitely not bound within the four walls of the traditional church, I would even dare suggest the institutional church will continue to rapidly decline over the coming years as it becomes less relevant. Something has to awaken from its ashes to bring forth change and possibly revival where Christ preeminence will be known to all. Its Christ ‘in us’, that needs reshaping into an bride ready for a beautiful wedding.

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