A new kind of people being the Church.. not just going to it!

A recent question stirred in me the following response;

“Why do you gather in your home? So how do we gather outside of mainstream Christian circles when most of our bothers and sisters are attending large well established  and structured programs and services ?”

The answer is easy, you just can?! Let me ask you these questions..

Do you need a formal membership card to prove your an upright character and a note to say your a Christian? Do you need a pastor to decide everything for as you walk in your relationship with God? Can you still experience worship, prayer and fellowship in a place other than a building with a cross on it s roof?

We forget that he answer existed in the early NT church before it was married to a state, hierarchical, top heavy and deeply rooted in practices modelled from institutions of the day!

Gods word is clearer than ever on how He wants us to function, I believe the answer does not exist in any denomination or institutional framework – scary thought, it exists in your personal relationship with Him and regular functioning as you gather with other Christians in His name. Dont get me wrong, the modern church is doing some amazing things and impacting the world, but before you can be effective in gathering and functioning you have to get yourself sorted. Lets start a truthful relationship with Him that is transparent, honest and centred on Christ.

Want some help, guidance and free resources or even just want to explore something new..




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