So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore?

I recently read a book handed to me by a close friend (thanks Murray)

“If you’re tired of just going through the motions of Christianity and want to mine the depths of what it really means to live deeply in Christ, you’ll find Jake’s story will give you hope for your own. This book probes the difficult questions and offers some far-reaching answers. It just might turn your world upside-down as well!

It really reinvigorated the path we have chosen devoted to Christ and relearning how we are a functioning part of His Body.

If your new to exploring  ‘organic church’ or want a easy to read book that is super encouraging, here is your copy! (Click the Book for more info)

Jake Colsen

I would love to journey with you as you explore this title, please feel free to give me feedback on this post. Blessings.



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