Element 2 – The Greatness of Christ

2. The Greatness of Christ

Some Christian groups present the Christ of Romans and Galatians. He’s come to save the lost. Others present the Christ of the Gospels. His earthly life must be imitated. Some groups present the Christ of the cross. His death is emphasized above everything else. Others groups present the Christ of Easter.

His resurrection is primary. All of the above emphasize the Christ of earthly history. But there is the Christ who exists before time. And there is the Christ of the present and the future. And all are the same Christ. Creation was created in the Son of God before time and when He was made the First Born of all creation (Col. 1). Further, God the Father chose all of His people in Christ before time (Eph. 1). After His resurrection, the Lord Jesus Christ sat at the right hand of God as Lord of heaven and earth. Today, He intercedes for us, acts as our High Priest, loves us as our Shepherd, and lives out His indwelling life in and through us. As the Alpha and Omega, time is within Christ. Jesus knows no beginning and no end.

All of creation is moving toward Christ being Head over all, in all, through all, and to all, “that He might fill all things” (Eph. 4:10). In the end, all things will be summed up in this incredible Christ (Eph. 4:10. And this is the Christ who has taken up residence within you and me (Gal. 2:20; Rom; Col. 1:27).

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