‘Revise Us Again’ – The Message We To Often Miss

I am currently ready ‘Frank Viola’s Book – Revise Us Again’ and it is very refreshing to be reminded of the eternal place I have been given as a gift in Christ.

The following elements are taken from ‘Frank Viola’s Book – Revise Us Again’ To explore this resource and purchase a copy – go to:


“Paul of Tarsus used the phrase “my gospel” numerous times in his letters. He was referring to the message that he preached. While there’s nothing wrong with Paul’s gospel, I do have concerns about what’s missing from our gospel—that is, the gospel that many Christians are hearing today. I’ve written an entire book on this subject. But in this chapter, I’d like to focus on five elements that seem to be missing from our gospel that were a large part of the gospel presented by Jesus and the apostles. Of course, your mileage may vary. And if it does, that’s great. But a large portion of the Christian world today has neglected a number of vital elements of the gospel.

Here are five of them.”

Note: In the following 5 blog posts I will detail these 5 elements from Franks Book.



5 thoughts on “‘Revise Us Again’ – The Message We To Often Miss

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