Take A lesson From Peter, We Are All Just As Frail..

We are absolutely frail and weak.. but there is a reason why God is obsessed with loving us, and nothing can separate us from His love.

Today I am reminded of how frail I am, its only when you get to the point of helplessness do you realise that we need real genuine help from God… and only He can give us that saviour. I am now convinced that a man cannot be used by God unless he first lays down his visions, dreams, ideas and desires in front of the cross. When we realise that we cannot achieve anything, that’s when Jesus says ‘you are now ready to let Me work through you’. (Gal 2:20, Rom 8:38-40, 2 Cor5:20-21, 2Cor 2:14-17, Phil 4:13, 2 Cor 12:9)

Frank recalls the story of Peter clearly below;

Recall Peter, one of the twelve disciples of Jesus. His former name was Simon Peter. This man earned a PhD in failure. Among all of the Lord’s apostles, Peter had shown himself to be faulty clay. He was a very marred vessel just like the rest of us. Despite this fact, when Jesus called Simon to be His disciple, He renamed him “Peter,” which means rock. More specifically, it means little stone.

Near the end of his life, Peter had a revelation that he and every other Christian were stones designed to be the building blocks for God’s house. He writes, “You also, as living stones, are being built up a spiritual house” (1 Peter 2:5 nkjv). Peter understood God’s dream. He understood that God’s eternal quest was to have a house through which to express Himself.

Like the rest of us, Peter began his spiritual journey as a fragile piece of clay. Then God put him into the refining fire and turned up the pressure and heat. Peter was then transformed into a precious stone for the Lord’s house. At the end of the story line, Peter becomes one of the precious stones that make up the foundation for the new Jerusalem. (Rev 21:14,19)’ – [From Eternity To Here Pg 219]

I hope today you can get on your knees and pray this:

“Jesus without you I am nothing, but with you, in Your Name all things are possible. Lord I am weak, if I continue to do things in my own strength I cannot succeed, and I realise this. Today I ask that you transform me from the inside, you make me realise the power of victory that came when you defeated death. In you all things in heaven and on earth shout your Glory, may the Holy Spirit reveal these truths to me. Renew a right spirit in me and speak to me your living word and may I receive this peace that’s transcends all my understanding.”

Strength and Weakness


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