Awakening – The Aussie Journey Begins – Part 1

A new wave of Christian faith is finally taking hold here in Australia. For the last year and a half we have seen significant changes occurring in many of the people we gather with, relate to or bump into.

So what is stirring these changes.. below the most common statements I hear:

– “the group/church/gathering we are currently involved in, just isn’t genuine or interested in doing life with us, we want to learn more about Christ centred living but don’t have anyone interested in putting in the hard yards”

– “I’m struggling with the programs, direction, attitude and vision that is forced upon me be my church”

– “If this is genuine community, if this is all that ‘church’ has to offer than, than I want out… but there’s no alternative?”

– “I see people everyday that ‘call them selves Christians’, they attend church and live good lives but are not willing to be obedient to Christ’s commands… they are fans of Jesus, not ‘followers of Jesus’.”

– “I’m disturbed by the thought that I’m finally questioning what I have been doing in our church for the last 10+ years.. will I get in trouble for asking or even thinking these radical things..?”

Whatever your struggle, whatever your thinking.. you’re not alone! Many people are asking these questions and God is stirring the hearts of believers everywhere for His Purpose. If we all just carry on and don’t think to question our innermost motives and spiritual groanings, than we are static and immovable.

God wants people who are constantly growing in His son Christ Jesus.. and seeking a deep relationship with him, so lets ask these sorts of questions together and seek Him for understanding..

Over the next few posts, we will start to explore what Christ is doing to His Church (his living body – not bricks). Stay Tuned..



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