Existing, Walking, Breathing and Living at the Centre

“When we discover that our relationship to the Father is actually Christ’s relationship to His Father, it changes everything. Our souls find rest, even our vocabulary changes. No longer do we say things like, “I’m working on my relationship with the Lord.” … “I’m struggling to be a better Christian.” … “I’ll eventually get to where I want to be someday.”

If you peel back those statements to their core, you will make the startling discovery that you are at the centre of the Christian walk. These statements betray the fact that the Christian life, in your eyes, is all about your ability to be a good Christian, your walk, your testimony, your spiritual growth—you, you, you.

Discovering that God has given us His relationship to Christ causes (See “The Three Gospels” at www.ptmin.org/threegospels.htm) the entire focus of our lives to shift radically. All of our self-centered “I need to do better” language evaporates. Instead, we begin to speak about what is real in the eyes of God now. We take our place in Christ and we stand there boldly. We then live from that high mountain.

To restate it: You and I do not have a separate fellowship with God the Father. We have been called into the one unique fellowship of God’s Son (1 Cor. 1:9; 1 John 1:3). Christ’s perfect, unclouded relationship to His Father is the marvellous legacy that He has given you and me.”

Continue reading on, get ‘From Eternity To Here’ – by Frank Viola – Pages 253-254



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