From the Old Testament ‘With Us’ to New Testament ‘In Us’

There is a subtle but critical prepositional change from the Old Testament to the New Testament. In the OT is says ‘God with us’ but in the NT it shifts to ‘God in us’

Jesus says it’s better for you if I go, because while ‘God with us’ is good, ‘God in you’ is better! Jesus could be with His followers, but now He could be IN his followers.

Some people I know have made the statements, “wouldn’t it have been great to hear Gods audible voice like that of Moses and Elijah in the Old Testament scriptures?” The funny thing I don’t think we should limit Gods greatness to that, but understand truly what has changed. I think the wonderful things God did was to give us His counsellor and His ambassador – The Holy Spirit. For we no longer need to imagine just hearing His voice, we now have him dwelling ‘in us’ and living through our lives. For those who believe in Christ this has become a reality.

Acts 1 documents the Holy Spirit now dwelling in his followers and becoming spirit filled followers. They no longer need to rely on their own strength and abilities but can now achieve all things through and In Christ. In Acts 4:7 we see people amazed by the transformation occurring in these spirit filled believers, unschooled ordinary people taking the gospel of Christ into the world.

Grasping this subtle yet critical change determines how you live – “For it is no longer I but Christ who lives in me”

Romans 8:11 powerfully illustrates the magnitude of the Holy Spirits power  – knowing that the same spirit who raised Christ from the dead, now lives in you.


Reflection from ‘Not A Fan’ –


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