Top 12 Books That Have Transformed My Life – In One Year

The following books have significally contributed to my life in amazing ways, they are in no specific order. Keep in mind that under 12 months ago my reading was non-existant and now things are very different.. thats a miracle in itself!

If I could summarise my life in one sentance it would be:

“God has changed my life forever, the Holy Spirit has reignited a sincere passion and love for His Son – Jesus Christ and I am relearning to make Christ supreme in everything I do and say..”

Book 1: The Normal Christian Life – Author: Watchamn Nee

Book 2: Reimagining Church – Author: Frank Viola

Book 3: Organic Church – Author: Neil Cole

Book 4: From Eternity To Here – Author: Frank Viola

Book 5: Radical – Author: David Platt

Book 6: Not A Fan – Author: Kyle Idleman

Book 7: Pagan Christianity – Author: Frank Viola, George Barna

Book 8: Jesus Manifesto – Author: Leonard Sweet, Frank Viola

Book 9: The Untold Story Of the New Testament – Author: Frank Viola

Book 10: The Bible Experience (NT) – Author: Inspired by Media Group

Book 11: The House Church Book – Author: Wolfgang Simson

Book 12: Weird – Author: Craig Groeschel

And of course Gods Word has made the most change – since all these books talk about some of the living aspects of Gods Word! – I really hope and pray your journey of rediscovering Christ begins with some of these awsome resources.





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