Organic Church Conference NSW Australia – AwakeningLife

AwakeningLife have been given the unique opportunity to sponsor the Organic Church Conference 2012 in Sydney.

So what is organic church?

Frank Viola responds to this question;

“I’ve often said that an organic expression of the church is one in which the members are learning to live by Divine LIFE together. They are learning how to live by the indwelling Christ. And out of that living emerges a particular expression. That expression, because it’s derived from LIFE, is “organic.” When the church is living true to herself . . . as an organism . . . her expression is organic. The means and end is Jesus Christ. Christ is known deeply by a group of people who are discovering His infinite riches together and are making Him visible on the planet again.The New Testament knows no other kind of church. This is what ekklesia is.” .. to read full article Click Here 

If you are interested in understanding more about Organic Church, Milt Rodriguez, a renowned speaker on ‘Organic Church and Organic Church planting’ will be training and speaking on this subject.

For more info, Click Here


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