Social Media Changing Our Perspective Of Community

I was recently pondering the influence of social media on being a follower of Christ. With ‘Social Networking’ communication has been taken to a whole new level, we can interact immediately, access information instantaneously and find people promptly… and if we can’t we get frustrated! What impact will it have on our interaction with one another? What impact does it have to the way we view community and how we gather?   I propose that a major shift is already occurring in our perception of ‘authentic community’ and it will have dramatic impact on how communicate and gather as believers.   Think of it this way.. typically the church has gathered once a week, in one place, with a group of the same people at a specific time. Imagine with me for a minute if this wasn’t the case.. If we eliminated the specific ‘one place’ we gathered, we gathered more than once a week and it wasn’t at the same time each week? To summarise the impact social networking is having – it changes ‘the way we gather’, at ‘what time’, ‘the place’ and ‘how often’ we gather… if we can do this every day in a online virtual world (and we ‘like’ it ‘like’ that – facebook lol )   It won’t be long before we expect this interaction in the way gather every day. Even if we ‘like’ it or not, it’s already happening.   So what’s your experience.. are you seeing some social changes?

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