An Appeal to You – Are You In Your True Home?

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Finding Home (Taken From Frank Viola’s Book – From Eternity To Here)

 Let me be blunt: You will never rest, and you will never find “home” until you pitch your tent in the building site that God has chosen for His dwelling place. You will never properly mature as a Christian, you will never fit into any other environment, and you will never find that which matches your inward parts until you take that step. It is instinctive to your species as a Christian to freely share Christ with your fellow brothers and sisters and to hear about Christ from them. It is instinctive to your species as a Christian to live in community with other believers who are seeking to put themselves under no other Head but Jesus. It is native to your species to church together with other believers in an atmosphere of freedom, spontaneity, joy, and love. All of these things are written in the church’s genetic code. Truthfully, there is no other context in which to live the Christian life.

 You have a native habitat. It’s called the ekklesia ; God’s spiritual house. Like a Cinderella slipper, the ekklesia “fits.” It’s the missing piece of the puzzle that, once found, snaps perfectly into place. We have a biological drive for God’s house. We have a spiritual taste for it. We have a longing, a biological instinct driving us to our destiny. And we will never be satisfied until we make the decision, no matter what the cost, to be part of God’s building work. That cost may involve the loss of friends. It may mean harassment or shunning from religious leaders. It may mean vicious and ugly rumors, slander, and gossip. It may mean walking in the steps of Abraham, who left all and headed for a city that he could not see.

 It may involve selling our comfortable home and leaving our present job to relocate to another city where there are living stones who are being assembled to form God’s house. It may involve gross misunderstanding, criticism, and perhaps thornier problems like persecution.

“Let us, then, go to him outside the camp, bearing the disgrace he bore. For here we do not have an enduring city, but we are looking for the city that is to come.” (Heb. 13:13–14)

 I’m seeking to appeal to an instinct that is inside of you and every other Christian reading these words. What is the high calling of God for you and for me? It’s to give ourselves to God’s ageless purpose, to let Him build us together with others in the way that He has always wanted. For what reason? So that He might have His house upon this earth.

 The words of Ezra are apt: “Let the house be built!” (Ezra 6:3). I sincerely hope that this will be true in your own life.


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