My Passion To Reach The World For The One and Only – The Story Unfolds

Since relocating to a new town, moving into a new home and taking on a new job, God has called my family in a massive NEW way! Talk about overwhelming, I wish I could absorb more of Gods awesome wonders and teaching but Im afraid I would cook my brain! lol

Its time we had a unified, innovative, spirit-breathed, Christ-centred strategy for reaching the people of this sunburnt nation – Australia! God has burdened my heart to develop a 4 tier strategy for my life and our journey with God. The following components are undergoing alot of prayer and continual development, but here is a sneak peak at the 4 areas undergoing transformation;

1. Living: developing a transparent personal walk with God that is driven by the Holy Spirits presence in my life, a deep relationship with God and is living Word. I have a desire to be known as a follower of Christ by my actions, words and deeds.

2. Gatherings: rediscovering Gods design and expression for church (ekklesia) and how we come together as the functional, participatory body of Christ. Assisting all to build faithful, disciplined groups that want to shine Gods light into our dark world and see lives changed.

3. Worship, rediscovering how to worship God in ‘action and in truth’ through our daily walk In-Christ and by honouring Him, finding deeper ways to express our love for God.

4. Mission: learning Gods pattern for His Kingdom (not just in heaven, but here on earth) and how it relates to our walk God and others. Learning to encourage, support and empower believers to be fully devoted followers of our Lord Jesus.

The biggest challenge my wife reminded me of tonight is to put faith into action. We are all guilty of saying ‘yes’ to God and not following through with it, so that needs to change… I hope by sharing a little of what is happening in our lives you will be inspired to look at the above 4 areas in your life. We are looking forward to crossing paths with you on this journey!



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