We Should Be ‘Agents Of Change’ Not ‘Agents Of The Armchair’

Years ago I was sitting in a typical Baptist Church ‘business meeting’ a member of the church stood up and said the following words;

“let’s not hurry into change people, time tells what we should do, change takes a-long-time and we don’t need to hurry change!”

Typically I see this attitude everywhere I go! If you ask me, this mindset needs to be cast out into the ocean never to seen or heard of again. It frustrates me beyond belief because so many people I meet think like this. We need our minds to be renewed in the spirit and realise that Christ wants us to be ‘Agents Of Change’. If we sit still and are in the same place, how will we ever be used for Gods purpose?

For us to impact our world and to spread seed (the seed of the Gospel), we need to be out in the harvest. We need to pick up our ploughs and start working the fields. If we continue to believe that sitting on the verandah watching the soil from a distance is going to bring change, we are deceived!

If we are going to see a generation of people being impacted by Jesus, we need to be ‘Agents Of Change’ in every facet of our lives. We need to be willing to think outside the box, put teaching into practice and be willing ambassadors for Christ. So many of us are blinded by what we are doing, the traditional views of man and institution, and a mindset that keeps us dormant. In the NT God used ordinary people (sin filled people) to do His Divine Will! We are very ordinary people and if we let Christ open our hearts and minds, allow him to get us out of our ‘armchairs’…. then maybe things might start to change! Be an ‘Agent Of Change’, encourage everyone, pray often, breathe Gods Word and discipline yourselves. Allow Christ to remove your ‘old way of thinking’ that conforms to the world and transform your heart and mind.



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