Marriage – If Law Formalises It, What happens Spiritually?

Marriage – If Law Formalises It, What happens Spiritually?

We attended a lovely garden wedding yesterday where two friends were married, it was a wonderful day. Its was a blessing to be involved in their special day. Before I went to sleep last night I sat and thought about the day’s proceedings and reflected on how God was involved in the ceremony. Although it was not a Christian wedding I was troubled by the words of the celebrant. Typically you hear the word ‘God’ used numerous times and prayers and blessing would usually follow, I understand and acknowledge there religious background but the thought of not involving God truly stunned me.

The Holy Spirit reminded me of this verse, Mark 10:8-9 “and the two will become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.”

I had a vivid vision of the “Holy Spirit sweeping down from the sky and fusing them together as they said their vows and it was very powerful. I then noticed an angel standing behind the celebrant and the newly married couple; he lifted his open hands to God and was giving Glory to God in heaven.”

My jaw dropped, I really had not considered the important role that my Father in heaven had in the ceremony. So often we see a wedding as being fashioned by the hands of man and not by God, we forget that God created this spiritual union between man and women. We truly don’t acknowledge and praise God for his involvement in the things that He originally created. I felt bad, although there was probably only a few Christians in prayer for this wonderful couple, we truly did not make him the centre and give him praise and credit for what He had done.



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