The Story Of A Drowning Brother – Watchman Nee @FrankViola

Consider this Story of “a drowning brother” by Watchman Nee

“A group of us were swimming in a nearby river. One of my brothers swiminng out in deep water got a cramp in his leg and was visibly struggling to stay afloat. He was in distress and was sinking. I quickly motioned to another brother , an expert swimmer, who was swimming only several metres away to hasten to his rescue. To my astonishment He made not moved.

Growing desperate I yelled out “Don’t you see the man is drowning?” and my brother who was sinking rapidly, frantically yelled out loud as he sank. But our expert swimmer still did not move! Calm and collected he remained just where he was, apparently postponing this unwelcomed task. Meanwhile the drowning brothers voice grew fainter and as his energy was depleting. In my heart I said “I hate that man, why does he not save him from his struggle and respond to his calling?” But when the man was actually sinking, with a few swift strokes the expert swimmer was by his side, and in no time they were safely ashore.

Even though the situation was now over, I walked over and voiced my angry view to my brother! I said to him, “I have never seen anyone so selfish and love his life as much as you do, think of the distress you would have saved your brother if you had of considered his needs above your own!” But the expert swimmer knew his task, a lot better than I understood. He remarked “Had I gone earlier, he would have clutched me so fast we would have both gone under and drowned. A drowning man cannot be saved unless he ceases to be frantic and is utterly exhausted, and then he is able to be saved”

Do you see the point? –When we give up our own agenda and cease doing it all in our own strength then God will be willing to dwell in us and use us. He is waiting until we are at the end of our resources and can nothing more for ourselves. We must abandon all fleshly efforts to please him, he is already content with all that we are!

We all need to be able to come to the point where we say “Lord and am unable to do anything for you.. I need you and your strength and trust you to do everything In and Through me.”

Remember this today;

For we have been cleansed by the blood of Christ and our old ways are now dead, they died with Christ on the cross. We have been made anew and sanctified through and In Christ, freed from all condemnation, sin and death. We have been purified by the blood of the Lamb, God has revealed the Mystery of the ages to us and His Eternal Purpose for our lives.

This story from ‘The Normal Christian Life’ – by Watchman Nee 



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