Reimagining Church – Know Your Church and Your Christ @FrankViola

Here is a challenge.. I think every Christian who is serious about Christ should read this book! For those who know me, ill even give you a guarantee. If you dont like it, ill buy your copy back from you!

Reading this book will really challenge your walk with God, your Family and your Church Life. I guarantee your walk with God will be changed forever and you will start searching for the Living Christ in a whole new way.

I have attended church my whole life and was never satisfied with all the ministries or groups I was involved with.. there had to be more! I never really understood why things functioned the way they did and for what purpose they did. I never knew ‘why’ we did the things we do, and for ‘what’ reasons we all did them.. we just did.

After reading this book, my love for Jesus has grown ten-fold and my walk with Christ and His Church is VERY different. My family life is very different also.

This book will re-challenge, reshape, remould and teach you to re-learn the gospel in a whole new light. You will get offended and even upset, but thats what is needed sometimes to shake you out of your overly comfortable and unchallenged christian walk.

I dare you to get this book and join me on a new journey into discovering Gods Purpose for our lives and church life. Details below.. Let me know if you want me to ship a copy to you.. ! 🙂

PS. I have read it three times and many other books since then..


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