Communion – Real Organic Communion


Organic Expression.. We both had decided to begin our organic journey into understanding Christ in a more intimate way, starting with the Lords Supper as a whole meal.

My wife and I sat down at our dining table on Sunday with a freshly prepared meal and a nice bottle of vintage red wine. We opened the bible at 1 Corinthians 11 and started to read through Pauls teachings to the church in Corinth where Paul was refocusing the church as they were not taking the Lords Supper correctly. It was refreshing to understand the context to which it was written and who the target audience was. Paul was speaking to a church that had basically lost their way; they were not unified as a church and were being humiliating and harmful at the Lords table. One thing that stood out to us, was the ‘living and real’ sacrifice that Christ had made for us and the longsuffering he had to endure. His broken body, and His blood that was shed for Us had a whole new meaning. Paul reminded us that we needed to be disciplined and more respectful when we approached the table for the Lords supper, understanding the reality of what Christ had done. We also talked about of our experiences with church in the past and what communion had meant to us. My wife revealed to me the process that the bread and wine had to go through before it could be prepared and served for us, both the bread and wine had to be crushed before it could be ‘transformed and made anew’ ready for us to consume. Similarly Christ, he had to be beaten, whipped and tortured before he could be presented to us ‘new and transformed’. My wife’s experiences and feelings became mine as we spoke; it was a very spiritually intimate discussion about our Lord.


By this stage we hadn’t even thought of eating.. we were to fragile and consumed by our ignorance, we were both unsure how to approach the Lords Supper the way he intended. The Holy Spirit worked on us and as we sat there and gazed over His Bread and His wine. I was reminded of all the times I had taken communion in church and what it had meant to me. I re-lived all my past experiences and all the times I had partaken in communion and how I had never taken out the time to truly understand what Christ meant when he said “This is my broken body.. and my blood spilled for you..”. 


My spirit was grieved and saddened, I broke down in tears and I wept..  I couldn’t stop.. the Holy Spirit wanted me to feel the way he did. I eventually gathered myself together and proceeded to talk to my wife about Christs Body and how we, who are In Christ (His Body), have basically reduced his Lords Supper to a thimble of grape juice and .001cent cracker! I felt sick, angry and sad. Knowing that I had been misguided and consumed by what I had been told in church for so many years, really hit me hard… I felt hurt. I broke down again … (by now you’re probably think I’m a little soft J, reality is my heart was de-hardened from the things of the past) The Holy spirit revitalised our minds, renewed our hearts and remapped our practices. What a Christ!


My wife and I proceeded to drink and eat in the Lords Supper.. we are now changed.. Christ is living in us and we are in a divine relationship with God because of what Jesus has done for us!



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