Expect Innovation, Participation and Engagement


I have been researching the best ways to engage an audience or group and I think the formula is simple… there are two clear-cut ways of communicating a message.

1) The Puplit Bully: we are all used to this.. whether in church, work or on training courses this is the default method for ‘telling’ people what they need to ‘know and do’. Reality is that studies are showing that this actually disengages, isolates and demotivates over 90% of most audiences. There are so many different learning styles out there that need consideration, to just ‘sit and listen’ doesn’t encourage or support an attendee to get involved.

2) Participatory: usually this consists of groups breaking up and discussing an item within a presentation.. but its more than that! For us to be engaged and empowered we need to feel connected, appreciated and valued. So how do we achieve this.. a good start is to understand the learning styles of your audience and tailor your presentation to them (the audience). Make it sensoral and relevant and use a wide variety of participatory techniques, ‘mix it up and mash it up’. Be innovative and use your imagination, try new things..

We all should do “Anything to help one-another understand each other!” – God Bless, Daniel




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