Our Journey – January 2012

What a month!

Firstly, I am conviced that what our family has undergone over the last few years has definately been in Gods purpose.. Im at a unique spot in my life at the moment, I wouldnt want to be anywhere else. My love for Christ has grown ten fold and we have been blessed in getting to know Jesus in a deeper way. I really get it now “to live is Christ and to die is gain”. Once you start to learn how the indwelling Christ (Holy Spirit) manifests himself in your life you really know God in a whole different light. What a blessing to have the Living, Eternal God dwelling in me! For Christ liveth in me! (Praise God)

Secondly, our journey is taking us into sooo many peoples lives at the moment. As I learn more about Jesus and his functioning body ‘The body Of Christ – His Church the ‘Ekklesia'”, I talk more about Him and share more about Him. Most of our conversations with friends over the last few weeks have been centred all around Christ and Gods purpose.

Have you ever wanted be a vessell used by God? – Simple know Christ! Love Him and Breathe Him… let Jesus pour out your sweat glands and start up conversations, expose your beliefs and passions. Christ said “To know Me is to know my Father”. If you start seeking Christ in your life, you will start to know God more intimately. Remember “the only way to the Father in through the Son”. Knowing that God created all things “through and In him” – Jesus, really starts to change the way in which you relate to your God. God is not limited by time and space, we cannot fathom His almighty power or strength.. So my question is.. why arnt you allowing the living Christ that dwells in you to shine bright, to dominate your thoughts and discussions? Whats stopping you from giving your all? – You dont need to do it in your own strength.. Jesus said “seek first the kingdom of God” and “seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened”…

Pray this prayer with me “Heavenly father.. you love your Body.. you love us so much. Take all that is within me and make me new, change me, shape me, mould me. Holy Spirit counsel me and expose to me the truths in your Living Word. Teach me your ways, draw out more of my spiritual nature and teach me to live more In You. Lord you said it is “greater to give than recieve”, as you soo freely gave of yourself, I ask that your spirit would teach me to give more of myself and honour you in everything I do… I want to change and need your guidence. Amen”

Have a great week guys… would love to hear how your going! Remember to encourage one-another.


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