Starting a New Year and Reimaging Organic Christianity

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year! (soon)..

I am already thinking about my new year resolution and it in involves you guys… I want to start off the year by fasting for 7days, praying and thinking about what amazing plans God has install for us..

December 2011 has challenged, frizzled, uprooted and turned upside down my whole existence.. bring on 2012!

I was watching my daughter closely today and she was laughing and smiling, its amazing to think that another year has gone and my daughter is already 1 year old! wow!

Planning to seek God in understanding about ‘ecclesia’..

What Have I decided my visions is for 2012.. I just asked God and this is what he said to me;

Christ is going to be the centre and circumference of our study and gatherings in 2012, He will dominate our discussions and the Holy Spirit will teach us the deep truths of Gods Word. We will come together in our small groups with a revised purpose, to encourage one-another and to allow the Holy Spirit to minister to us in a fresh new way! We will focus not on our own needs, doctrinal differences or worldly desires but seek God first and invite God in our midst. We need to seek a unity that is beyond our understanding and a loving God that has a divine will for us all. We will be monitoring the fruits of the spirit in our lives and re-training our minds to think and act like Jesus.

If you wish to join Renae, Lucy and I on a 7 day fast let us know. God bless all, I am praying for you. Daniel


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