New Testament vs Modern Day ‘Church’

Wow what an inspiring week! I havnt read a book in over 5 years, but this week i read a book in 5 days!

At this stage I am convinced that the New Testament church was never established by God to be ‘divided, segregated and turned into countless denominations’! Look at it this way; when the world looks at the christian church what do they see? what message is being portrayed? a church that is ‘divided, segregated and overly complex’, no different than the raft of issues that already exist in the world and everyday life.

So what have  I discovered about the modern day institution we call ‘the church’ ?

The “Ekklesia” is the greek for “assembly or gathering”, nowhere in the new testament can i find a over ‘complicated, hierarchical, business focused institution’ . What I do see is an “organically grown assembly of believers unified in Christ Jesus, expressing the Holy Spirits activity in their daily lives”… which is so far from todays institutional model. I see people gathering together in a local geographical location having a; love for God, Love for One-another, always encouraging each other through prayer and biblical support. I also see the outpouring of the gifts of the Holy Spirit as they continue to do Gods work, being driven by a love for Jesus and passion to share his gospel and message.” – basically a locally unified gathering of believers collectively aiming to achieve what God has called them to do.

So what do you think? I would love to know what you think strictly from a biblical point of view, here is some resources I have found that have been interesting reading…

Its time to rethink what we ‘think we know’ because someone influential in our lives has told us to think that way… I would recommend standing on your own two feet and seeing where God takes you!


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