Rethinking Modern Day ‘Church’

I have been doing some heavy reading this week and hopefully I will come to some conclusion over the coming weeks about how relevant and biblically accurate the modern day ‘church’ really is. Im actually shocked!!! at what I have been discovering.. if your on a similar journey I would love to chat.

I would appreciate your thoughts on how relevant church is for you today! Here is one of the articles I have been studying and it contains alot of biblical guidence on this topic.

I have been reading a book called ‘rethinking the wineskin’ by Frank Viola and I have ordered his updated copy which is revised to reflect a modern day perspective. It really has rocked my world! Its sharpening me to understand how the early ‘church’ worked and whether the modern day church is acurate to Gods Word or whether they have got it wrong… in soo many ways im discovering the truths behind how worldy ‘denominations’ were formed and how God never intended it that way. He also never endorsed a system of hierarchy which exists in most modern day churches, its amazing me how God created functional roles to exist and how we have warped them into official roles in the ‘institution of church’. 

My initial investigation is revealing how the world has shaped ‘ekklesia’ (greek word) more than what the bible has over the years, and how ‘business like’ most modern day churches function. I am gaining a real grasp on the simple church and how God designed it to function. Christian ‘church families of believers’ carried out Gods work and supported one-another in love, they truely were vessels for the Holy Spirits outpooring and guidence. Jesus really does have a functional system, trying to understand and harness the knowledge He has given us is always the hard part requiring God insight and divine discernment. I pray he keeps me working Hard to gain this understanding and applying it in todays caotic world where the prince of darkness is trying so hard to keep people from God.


2 thoughts on “Rethinking Modern Day ‘Church’

  1. It’s so true! I find that the church of today seems to be so empty compared to what it is meant to be. It has become so confined to Sunday and it seems like it is locked into a little box that it is often happy to stay in! Many churches I know of just don’t cut it. They aren’t doing what God designed for them to do and are too scared to step outside the box. They are afraid of what society might think of them, afraid of being politically incorrect. I find it disappointing and sad, but also challenging. After all, WE are the church.

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