Cast Vision For Next Year – God First

What kind of year have you had spiritually this year? which category would you put yourself in…

  • Spiritually Apathetic (good intentions but no action)
  • Spiritually Inconsistent (sometimes good, sometime bad)
  • Spiritually Consumed (Put God first and live in order to please God)

I would say inconsistent.. So how do we plan to have the best spiritual year ever next year??

Im going to commit to listen to God and put myself in Gods hands.. so how can i practically change my calendar to reflect some spiritual changes I am going to make.. here is a good guide to introduce change;

  1. First of the Day – Seek God (Mat 6:33)
  2. First of the Week – Worship God (Heb10:25)
  3. First of the Month – Tithe back to God what he has given you (Lev 27:30)
  4. First of the Year – make an offering to God and fast (mat 6:17,18)

Prepare your life and bring a Godly focus to next year.. God desires you to be close to Him, why not develop your character and your lifestyle by putting God First! Seek First His Kingdom… and see what happens in your life. (all these things will be added to you)


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