My Life – Inspiration

Hey all,

I had an amazing week, we had a pastor from Lifechurch in the United States visit us here in Metford. It was a God appointment and was an experience I wont forget. Gods knows us so well that he places people in our lives to assist us in furthering His Kingdom. I encourage you that if you are struggling for direction, keep praying and asking God for insight and clarity, because in His timing He answers! i mean… who would have thought that I would have had the chance to catch up with someone who had to travel from the other side of the world! God knows exactly what you need and when to give you the push.

What we learnt from PS. Andrew;

– Strive for the greater things of God, as a couple or small group you can be used by God for Great things

– Give God your first fruits… tithing, I struggle with it… but we are about to embark on a journey to give God the first of everything he gives us. Dont let a church that is dissapointing you hold you back from recieving Gods Blessing.

– Pray, my wife has taught me that you should pray continually and always. May she be blessed for pushing me toward God. We have been praying for our my sisters daughter who was born only 28 weeks old and in intensive care. Only a miracle could have saved here life! that miracle came true.. she is now about 33 weeks old and doing well. God has a purpose for that little girls life! Praise God.

If anyone wants prayer.. reply to this thread, Id be happy to pray for you. God Bless.


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