Pray for ‘Boldness’

“What you pray for reflects what you believe about God!”  – So if we pray and dont limit God, dont place Him or ourselves in a box, what could we pray for?

I ask everyone to be Bold in prayer, ask God to show up and reveal himself in your life and circumstances. How can you be fully devoted to God without asking God for Boldness?

I DARE you to pray this prayer with me…. and see how God can change your life. Repeat this out loud.

“Heavenly Father reveal yourself in my life. Reveal yourself to me in a miraculous way, its time i Stop being selfish and listen to You. Give me Boldness and Use me for Your Glory! Give me a prompting from your Holy Spirit to make major changes in my life. Lord, I am not capable of pursuing anything more unless I have your strength to do it, and not my own. Enable me as your servant to speak your words with Great Boldness and to share Jesus! I ask that my daily walk would be forever changed, my attitude, my heart, my desires. The time has come for me to get Serious about my belief in you and put my faith into action. Remind me to put you first, and  to pray always. God I offer up this next week to you and ask you would reveal yourself in a Bold Way. In Jesus Name. Amen

I would love to hear what bold situations God puts you in! Remember if you get stuck, just pray…


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