Ordinary World Changers – In 52 Days

“Do you have a burden inside you that keeps stirring you up, a passion you know God has put on your Heart to stand up for.. it may be injustice, it may be for community.. or maybe your neighbour..”

I believe we are all here for a purpose. Over the years I have struggled to understand the ultimate purpose God wants for my life.. I suppose eveyone asks that question regularly… But do we actually discover what that purpose or burden is? We started watching a series called “change your world in 52 days” and it has reminded me of this important question that I need to be asking. Do I believe that I can make a difference?

Craig makes it simple to understand that God does want you to act, not sit back and live aimlessly in the world. Its time to make a difference in a world that needs dramatic change. Come with me on this journey, I will post what I learn and discover about myself.. I hope you can do the same. “Its time to be laser-focused and ingnite that passion inside you, remember that you arnt just one person – your God +1 person”



8 thoughts on “Ordinary World Changers – In 52 Days

  1. So have you decided that you have a burden or passion for God..?
    Here is what I learnt..

    – Ordinary people are used by God to impliment change!
    – God doesnt use you based on your position, he uses you based on your passion!
    – You dont have to be the best at what you do, you just have to care the most!

    Turn your passion into action;
    1. WHAT – Define the mission clearly Neh 2:4-5
    The mission is not worth attempting without prayer, you must communicate with God as often as you can.. are you working with Him?
    2. HOW – Make plans carfeully Neh 2:6-8
    If you fail to Plan, your Planning to fail
    Strategically set a timeframe around what you are doing, research and be equipped before the journey, know the route to take and what resources you need! Planning is a spiritual task, it show discipline, intelligence and respect for God and the task ahead. I rekon if you take God seriously he takes you seriously..
    3. ACTION – Inspire people passionately neh 2:17-18
    You werent created to work alone, other people need to be part of your vision and enthusiasm. Inspire them to achieve.. remeber many hands make light work! Take small steps and be persistant.

    I know that your ordinary just like me.. but are capable of so much! If you can harness the passion God has given you and allow the Holy Spirit to drive you, God has given you the authority (in Jesus’ name) and strength to carry out His work. I hope these simple steps help you to drive your passion and make a difference.

  2. In essence if u don’t have passion for Jesus Christ u will not put ur self out there and take risks. We are all ordinary. Those who do extraordinary things are simply people who have listened to what God the Holy Spirit has told them to do and they go and do it. Our job is to get to know the voice of the Good Shepherd, test what we have heard using scripture and then be obedient to Gods call. Simple equation but hard to do if we lack passion for a relationship with Christ. Look at the disciples and then compared the difference after they became the Apostles…what caused the change from fear to boldness?

    • Hey Dan. Agreed on your post. Was mostly raising an alternative thought on it rather than dismissing it altogether. It’s often thought that u shouldn’t serve in areas u lack passion in.

      Mostly highlighted Jonah as he is a great example of obedience without passion. Vs 4 demonstrte Jonah didn’t have a heart or passion for seeing the Ninivites shown mercy by God even though he was obedient to God (after a second calling) in seeing the Ninivites warned of Gods wrath. Also great in this passage is how God planned this event years before Jonah was in thrown into the sea. God grew this fish over years and years large enough to swollow a man a whole and place this fish here Jonah would enter the water. So God’s positioning and planning is key in our service in this case.

      But agreed regardless of status or wealth or job description God can and will use us.

      • Appreciate your comments. True, the Holy Spirit plays a pivotal role in strengthening a believer to be able to do Gods work. I like how you said “…what God the Holy Spirit has told them to do and they go and do it”. Faith in action is the important point you raise here, so many people I know have a faith in God but prefer to sit in the background a watch then to actually Act! Isn’t faith without action pretty much useless? How are we doing what God is asking if we choose to be a follower for our whole life? I think we are all, in our own little way, equipped and gifted leaders chosen to be vessel’s to carry out Gods work. If God intended for us all to sit back and just conform, would the body of Christ ever grow? what do you think..

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