Ordinary World Changers – In 52 Days

“Do you have a burden inside you that keeps stirring you up, a passion you know God has put on your Heart to stand up for.. it may be injustice, it may be for community.. or maybe your neighbour..”

I believe we are all here for a purpose. Over the years I have struggled to understand the ultimate purpose God wants for my life.. I suppose eveyone asks that question regularly… But do we actually discover what that purpose or burden is? We started watching a series called “change your world in 52 days” and it has reminded me of this important question that I need to be asking. Do I believe that I can make a difference?

Craig makes it simple to understand that God does want you to act, not sit back and live aimlessly in the world. Its time to make a difference in a world that needs dramatic change. Come with me on this journey, I will post what I learn and discover about myself.. I hope you can do the same. “Its time to be laser-focused and ingnite that passion inside you, remember that you arnt just one person – your God +1 person”



I just attended an International Information Management conference in Darwin and it was a blessing to attend. It made me wonder though how much energy and effort we put into our profession, knowing that one day its all going to pass away… I walked away with some great knowledge and ideas, but how does it contribute to my walk with God and to His Kingdom? I understand that God builds my character and every experience helps me grow, but something is missing.. Do you ever feel like that? I never knock back an opportunity to learn and experience new things..

Spiritual Gifts

Ghost – Series on Spiritual Gifts

Craig Groeschel

Ever really wondered if spriritual gifts should be used today, or have been to afraid to know what the bible says about Spiritual Gifts? Watch this series.. it makes it so easy to understand and its a great resource for every church. I believe in spiritual gifts, let God change you and challenge you in these four clips! then tell me your ideas..

Learn; The Presence, The Power, Spiritual Gifts and being Filled with the Holy Spirit

I would like to hear about your walk with God and what your spiritual gift is?