Past Hurts..

“So many people have been hurt by the institution of church or if you mention the word ‘church’ they associate it to a negative experience”

Its awful to have to say, but we have a stack of friends and acquaintances that are no longer attending church due to the pain and heartache it has caused in there life. We have found causes to range from; traumatic circumstances, forms of spiritual abuse, lack of acceptance, neglect or even simple  misunderstandings. Whatever the cause, these people are now no longer associating themselves with church their walk with God has been severely affected. The most interesting discovery is that most of these people are strong committed Christians and have had a history of being heavily involved in the church.. so whats going wrong? Are there people in your life that are following the same path..? Is there a pattern occurring.. whats changing in church communities to cause this?

Would love to know your thoughts…


One thought on “Past Hurts..

  1. I have been a Christian since 1976. Been on Church Leadership teams for 25yrs including being a Lay Pastor, Pastorial Overseer and in Ministry Leadership. With few exceptions the only religious persecution I have recieved from people has been from church going christians from a variety of denominations. It is a sad state of affairs when the Christian Church is the only army in the world that shoots it own wounded. Another dimension to people leaving church is its relavence. The church in Australian is resistant to change and wants to stay in the 19th or 20th centuries while the world has past them by 30 yrs ago. The future lies in getting back to Christ and following in his foot steps and interacting with each other and the community using the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit and Gods Word. Complex church in my view is dying and the decade of Christian small groups in the community will take over.

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