Youth Ministry – Are youth abandoning the faith?

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Youth Ministry

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Are the youth of his generation are abandoning the faith. Young filmmaker, Philip Leclerc, sets out on a journey to discover the truth about modern youth ministry, with this question in mind: “Is it an issue with the church, the kids, the parents?”

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One thought on “Youth Ministry – Are youth abandoning the faith?

  1. Historically the church adopted a world system on segration of children and youth, which arose out of street minitries to the poor and a secular school system of segragation, about a 100 years ago. The price tag for us is the family unit is split up by church and we rarley learn or worship as a family unit now. Parents also unwittingly handed over the mentoring their children in to Christ to Youth Pastors and Sunday School Teachers. Its no wonder they are disconnected by the time they get to the age of 16yrs. Often chruch is now seen as boring or not relevant to their lives so they move on. As surveys have shown the Y and X generations beleive Christ is cool but church is boring or not relevant. As more people go out the back door of chruch than comes through the front door we need to ask oursleves is the church we know going to survive. I have this feeling it will have to die and be reborn if we are to become a Christian Nation again. We have already lost a number of generations because of segragation. Time to rethink it all and start again.

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